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CNC Production Machining

Our CNC machine shop is known for its quality, efficiency and repeatability. Below are some highlights that allow us to achieve top results:

  • The Right People - Our team is the life-blood of our business. Every success we have points directly to their ingenuity, experience and hard work. In turn, we strive to provide a path for them to achieve their own professional and financial goals.

  • The Right Tools - We invest in top quality CNC machines, CAM systems, tooling and inspection equipment for repeatable, highly accurate results.

  • The Right Process - An efficient, well-thought-out process is created to reduce cost and waste.  All processes are documented, maximizing efficiency and repeatability for future orders.

  • Lean Manufacturing  - You will see that we take "lean" seriously in our operation. We design our work areas to allow our machinists to have nearly everything they need within a short reach.

  • Machinist Training  - Our machinists are always being trained on the latest techniques.  We cross-train as much as possible to keep our talent pool broad.

  • Organization  - We feel that a clean, organized shop is a more accurate, efficient and better place to work. 

  • Continuous Improvement - Our culture is one where we are never satisfied with the status quo. Every member of our organization contributes to making our processes better every day.

Non-Production Machining

We excel in low quantity, one-off machining - often requiring a high degree of skill from our machinistsWe work from a variety of data sources to produce parts that our customers require in a timely manner. We apply all of the same principles for success for non-production machining as our CNC production machining.

Development and Prototyping

We continually invest in the latest technology and staff our shop with the best and brightest in the industry.  We are well-known for helping clients solve a variety of unique challenges.

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Non-Production Machining
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